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Included in our Terms & Conditions are certain "rules of participation". They are not limited to, but include:
  • All notification about your bidding/payment/item claim is done via email. Please approve noreply@incentrev.com in your spam filter to receive emails from us.
  • In order to log-in and bid, you must accept cookies or popups from incentrev.com.
  • Once the auction has ended, you will be sent an email with a payment link. You may also pay by logging in to the site itself.
  • You will have 72 hours to pay for any items you have won. If you fail to pay within 72 hours, the item may be passed along to the next highest bidder.
  • All items are picked up at the station or retailer unless otherwise noted. We do not make arrangements for shipping and/or mailing of the items.
  • Winning bids do not include any applicable state sales tax. Sales tax will be added to your winning bid when you purchase the item.
  • A processing fee may be applied to your final bid price when you pay, please refer to the auction details for more information.